Friday, September 30, 2011

TOP 10 hottest teams going into week 4

Looking into week 4 I have picked out the hottest 10 teams in the league as of right now. I believe that all of these teams should win this week against the opponents they face. The only issue is the teams that face each other on Sunday. There are three games where the picks I have made will be playing each other. The Raiders verse Patriots, Steelers verse Texans, and finally the Cowboys verse Lions. Since they face each other some of these teams will be on the losing end of this top 10 list. Once the Sunday night games are over I will analyze the teams I have selected and see which of the teams did successfully get the win and which ones missed the mark.

Upsets are also something I am looking forward to this week. It is week 4 and this is when people need to start revaluating the strategies they have gone into the last 3 games with. Fixing issues that have caused quick four and outs, yet continuing to apply the things that may have got them that close win is a major focus for teams this week.

The one team I can tell you for sure I am pulling for this week is Minnesota. They are seriously struggling on offense, McNabb is one of my favorite quarterbacks in the league, regardless of the fact he use to play for Philadelphia. He is a good player and knows how to play game. The Vikings are good fit for him but getting use to the system is the only thing that is holding him back from being successful. I believe that once he gets adjusted the team can be serious factor late in the regular season. I am hoping they can pull out the win against the Chiefs this week to get the ball moving.

So below you can see my top 10 picks about which teams are the hottest in the league right now. Analysis on the team and games is coming late Sunday night.

10. Tennessee Titans
9. Houston Texans
8. Dallas Cowboys
7. Oakland Raiders
6. Washington Redskins
5. New York Jets
4. New England Patriots
3. Green Bay Packers
2. Detroit Lions
1. Buffalo Bills


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A closer look into the NFC East

So as all of you guys know each division has 4 conferences in it. Then each conference also has 4 teams in it. So the NFC east is where you will find the following teams; Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Redskins. These four teams have some of the longest running rivalries in football history. Especially between the Eagles and the Cowboys, this rivalry is a deep rooted one that many people argue about twice a year for sure.

Since the NFC East is facing a lot of controversy right now, I wanted to take a deeper look at what these four teams have to offer.

Let’s start with the Redskins. They have come in this year with a very powerful start to the season. Looking at last week they were 2-0 and the last time they started a season 2-0 was on 2005. So that is pretty amazing to see a team that we are all use to just brushing under the rug when it came time to play them, but this year they have come to play! In the off season they made very strategic moves to beef up their offense and get more protection around their quarterback. Last year they found sacks being a huge issue for Donavon McNabb while he was trying to scramble in the pocket a sack was usually the outcome of many different plays. They are clearly trying to eliminate this issue for Grossman their new QB.

OK now let’s move onto the Giants since I can at least bare to speak about them. The Giants have a record of 2-1 right now and have played only two conference game and successfully won but lost the first match up against the Redskins in week 1. The Giants seem to be playing the same old Giants football that they have been playing for many years now. The depend on Eli to make plays when nothing is going well and most of the time he is successful at it, on the other hand is that when they are playing a team with a very healthy offense. In week 1 the Redskins let their defense do the talking by stopping the Giants from really getting down the field to score at all. The Giants defense also seemed to fall apart slightly by not being able to hold up while the Redskins were making their drives down the field. We all know that when it comes down to the last few weeks the Giants will most likely find a way to squeeze into the playoffs. If they do not make the playoffs I would be really shocked.

Next let’s talk about Dallas, and I really will try my best not to be biased and show my extreme hate for this team and everything they are about. Ok so I do have to give props to Tony Romo for pushing through these last few games even though he has been hurt, he really is showing the leadership quality for his team and giving them a no excuses attitude. Yah for Tony, although if  Tony was to flake out on his team and use the fact that his injuries are pretty serious we all know this team would be in even bigger shambles than it already is. After watching the Monday Night game this team really needs a lot of help on the offensive side and fast! I know that everyone was watching as Tony literally had to direct his wide receivers to the positions that should be in it were quite sad. I am not totally sure why there offense is struggling so much but they need to get their acts together. They are also 2-1 in the division and if they continue to play the way that they do I cannot see they making it to the playoffs. Out of the teams they have played the strongest was the Jets and they did lose to them. Their schedule is not getting any easier since they are playing the Lions this Sunday, and for some act of God the Lions (3-0) have found a way to start winning and play football well this season so we will see how they fair against them this week, it will defiantly be an interesting game.

Trying to be positive about the Cowboys is so tough, thank god that's over. Moving onto the Eagles, man I am already getting disappointed. And not to anyone's fault but the Coaching and Front Office because I swear if Romo can play two games with a broken rib and punctured rib I don't see why Vick can't manage to at least pull through for one of the last two games he has left early. I also understand that we have had a laundry list of injuries the McNabb suffered throughout his time in Philadelphia and keeping Vick healthy is the #1 goal but come on, throw us a bone please. They are also over exaggerating most of his injuries making them sound like he will be out for possibly the whole season and the in a few days the injury has magically downsized to almost a minor scratch -___-. Broken hand and out for the season, now is an unbroken hand with minor swelling and a great chance of playing this week. Last week was him spitting up blood which turned out that he just bite his tongue. Never a dull moment as an Eagles fan I swear but the up and down roller coaster needs to take a pause it is only week 3 and I've almost had 3 heart attacks.

Looking onto the game they played this past week against the Giants was just very unfortunate. A depressing lose against a rival team who has not beat us in three years and for our team to fall apart so after Vick left the game is just unacceptable. I believe that everything will be better for the next meeting with these two teams later on in the season but for now and it kills me to say the Giants fans can be happy. They should all get their celebration in now because it WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

The next conference match up will not be until week 6 where the Eagles will travel to Maryland to face the Redskins. So we have a few weeks to watch the teams match up to other big name teams and see how they shape up. I am excited to see these next few weeks play out and if the table will start to turn and how quickly things will change.

Hope everyone found my review of the NFC east interesting and informative!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking forward to a RED OCTOBER

I have been talking a lot about football so it’s time to switch it up and talk baseball. The Phillies are looking good going into playoffs. They have successfully clinched their division (NL East) and the closet team are the Braves and they are still 12 games behind. With the regular season ending in a week and a half I don't see that happening. If Atlanta was to win all there next games it would only give them 8 more wins and they would still need 4 more. Plus once a team clinches a division or playoff spot there really isn't anything the rest of the teams in the division can do.

As I write this post the Phils are playing the first of their double header with the Washington Nationals. Right now it is the top of the 9th and the score is tied 3-3. The 7th inning was very hot for homers. There were two homers in this inning on both sides. The homer from Roger Bermadina set up the 3 run the nationals have and then Raul Ibanez in the bottom of the 7th pulled it through for the bull pen and gave then the tie. Right now they are just starting the top of the 10th still tied so we can only hope the Phils can pull out a run in the bottom of the 10th to finish the game.

I should probably also let you guys know what other teams are leading their division and who else has already clinched their division.

Division Leaders:
          -New York Yankees
          -Texas Rangers
          -Milwaukee Brewers
          -Arizona Diamondbacks

Clinched Division:
          -Philadelphia Phillies
          -Detroit Tigers


hands up for the 2nd week roller coaster

Oh no oh no, what happened in this game??? This is probably the main question most Eagles fans are asking themselves after the falling apart of the 10 point lead they had acquired toward the end of the 3rd quarter. Well I am a strong believer in not saying woe is me when it comes to a loss. A lose is a loss and we have to learn from it. We can though, at least in my opinion safely assume that if Mike Vick had continued to play in the game the Eagles would have won. Understand that sounds like an Eagles fan just being overly confident but let’s think that with a 10pt lead and everything continuing to go well the win was just a quarter away. Although when you take out the leader of the team and throw a possible prolonged injury the moral of the team starts to fade and the other team begins to realize the opportunity they have in front of them. This is exactly what happened during the game, the Falcons capitalized on the opportunity of a weakened Eagles team and were successful at it.

It so sad to have to watch your team just wither away and crumble at the hand of a team who was all but defeated with one more touchdown. Even though this loss hurt, it is only the 2nd week and I believe that this is a serious learning experience for future issues that may be caused by injury.

So let’s be done with the negative aspect of the last game and think about what happened well before it all went bad. Before Vick suffered his injury he did manage to accumulate 242 yards and 2 TD's. Also Vick and Kafka were able to have a 100% and better NFL rating, where Ryan only had a rating of 91.5%. I would also like to congratulate Kafka for the valiant effort given to finish out the game. You could tell they were trying to play it safe by mostly using running passes to McCoy to try and get down the field. In a post game interview Andy Reid even admitted that they were going light on the play calling because they were unsure of the level of pressure that Kafka could handle. Being that this was Kafka's first NFL start I’m sure we were all a little nervous. And I know that many people were really hoping for Vince Young to make an appearance but being inactive due to a hamstring injury made his presence on the field impossible.

All in all the game was decent and an unfortunate turn of events lead to the lose but there are so many more good things to come from this team the rest of the season the NFL is not even ready for it. I am so optimistic and in my opinion this game was just a minor bump in the road to success!


Monday, September 19, 2011

optimistic season

After that win against the Rams I’m sure some people were already booking their tickets to Super bowl 46. Well we still have a long 14 week season before any of that could be decided, but I am a very hopeful fan at this point.

Let’s look at the schedule in the next 4 weeks the only team that should pose a small threat is next week against the Giants. And watching their game now, they are struggling a little with their pass game. Going into the bye week I am looking at the Eagles to be either 4-2 or 5-1 obviously we are hoping for 5-1 but the Giants I’m sure are still feeling the sting from the amazing 80+ run back from Desean Jackson at the end of last season. So they may be playing a little rough next week. But the challenge will be meet head on with a tough defense and even stronger offense.

I am going to officially give my prediction for the rest of the season and what I believe will be there record come playoff time. This prediction was in no cocky or over hyped and I believe it will be 100% accurate if not better. Clearly we can only hope for better. My predication is they will end the season 12-4. The way there season appears not to be booked to hard or overly dominated by tough opponents. The real weeks that I see being a problem are weeks 8,9,12,15 which is clearly the main games that you are getting out of the 4 loses I have picked. Although trying to say the outcome of the whole season is almost impossible we can always speculate. The unpredictably from week to week though makes it so hard to decided because we never know who will be injured on which team that may have a huge factor in a game.

The season started off exactly how I like good but not great but that is just the way the Eagles play the game!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it's just the beginning

For anyone who will be reading this blog frequently or even just once, I want to take the time to let you know what will be going on in this page. As you can read from my description located on the blog I am a lover of everything sports and especially Philly sports.
The positives along with the negatives aspects of the four main sports will be discussed within the blog. Not only different aspect of the four main sports but of the different Philly Sports teams. I'm sure I could also squeeze in a little about the opponents the teams compete against just to be fair and allow an overview of both teams.
     I don't think there needs to be much more explanation about what I will be writing about. I'm writing about sports! and I hope that I will be able to educate those who don't know much about sports and entertain those who know and feel the same way I do about my teams and others.