Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picking up the missing pieces

I think the bye week did the Eagles a world of good, I’m sure they were able to just take a week to rest and get their plans together for the rest of the regular season. Bye weeks also allow you to get a look at you competition for the rest of the season. While they play you are able to watch and take notes. The media also constantly tires to keep bringing up the issue of the 5 lost the Eagles suffered early, but as almost all the player have said those games are in the past. The past is the past and moving forward is the only thing that can happen at this point. We can’t take back the rough fourth quarter endings to a few hard fought games, the only thing is to make sure that future fourth quarter becomes the defining factor of your teams ability. 


Toward the end of this video they speak of the anger that Asante Samuels is facing from being up for grabs before the trade deadline was finished. Like anyone who basically just got told you may be getting traded feelings were hurt. The actions taken by Asante were justified, nothing he said was out of line he was simply just expressing his feelings. But I do think the comment brought up by one of the analyst was very true. If the Eagles were having a better season the comments made by Samuels would have never been blown up as much as they did. People always seem to look past the problems a team is having if they are winning but the second they start to lose all the microscopes come out.

So I do hope everything works out with the team and Asante, because I do think his skills are a value to this team. I’m hoping things smooth over soon because it will be the best thing for everyone on the team. Let’s also hope this week against Cowboys turns out SUPER POSITIVE!!  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Being positive pays off!

IT ONLY TOOK 4 WEEKS! What a difference a week has made. The Eagles won this Sunday 20-13 against the Redskins and this win came at the perfect time. Just as the Eagles enter into their bye week they finally have a win under their belt and a little more confidence. 

Although they won the game, it was not played any better than the last five games. The only thing that worked in the favor of the Eagles is that the Redskins made more mistakes which ultimately cost them the game. The turnovers also helped gain the advantage in the game. Rex Grossman threw four interceptions, giving the Eagles more opportunities to capitalize on the field.

Eagles Nightly: Top 10 Plays

In the second picture you can see what a win can do to a team moral when things couldn’t seem to get right. Wins bring confidence and confidence is for sure needed in Philadelphia. The first picture is a picture from week 5 when things were looking bad in Buffalo. People say a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe it to be true. You can see hope and excitement in the face of a champion. Where as anguish and disappointment when it looks like all is lost. I think the pictures I have chosen speak for themselves when you look at them you can feel the emotion.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Same thing just a different week

As you can see from the title, once again the Eagles found a way to mess up the game and take their fourth loss this season. They played the Buffalo Bills this week and this year we all know that the Bills have stepped up their game. They are no longer the team that can be easily defeated like they were in the past. This might be true but I wish it didn’t have to be while they were playing my team.

For some reason the Eagles cannot utilize the weapons they have acquired before the season started in a positive way. We are not a bad team which I think has to be the worst part. There simply is no excuse for the way that we are playing. Vick had FOUR INTERCEPTIONS! in this game and each of them more costly than the next. The Bills would not have been so successful on offense if we weren’t turning the ball over so many times putting them in perfect field position.

This game had so many things wrong with it I cannot even begin to explain it all. The defense started to get their act together way to late in the game. On specific area that was lacking was the red zone defense. I remember a time 2 or 3 years ago where our red zone defense was top 5 in the league. Now especially after this game we are probably in the top 10 worst in the league.

The only word that seriously describes this season so far is unacceptable.

If you look at the Eagles and Vikings side by side you see that both teams have the same record but have completely different paths for how they reached this point. The Vikings struggled for their first win for the last four weeks and finally got it this weekend. They couldn’t be happier and are ready to continue on a good streak. On the other hand the Eagles are on a four week losing streak. They are surely hoping for a turnaround before the bye week. These next two wins are especially important because they are both divisional games. So these games more than the others will have an effect on their placement within the division along with playoff hopes.

I still have not given up hope but I need that silver lining to appear quick before the storms clouds take over completely and all hope is lost.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Frustration builds

So I know you guys didn't think I wasn't going to talk about the embarrassing game that was played Sunday in Philadelphia right. Trying to suppress these last few weeks has been hard but I still have faith because I am a diehard fan. Even though it hurts real bad to keep watching my team lose, I know there is still time to get it together. Unlike some of these people who claim to be fans but on the first sign of a little failure they are ready to jump ship and shot the captain. These people are weak because at the first sight of some success they will be right back to cheering and being happy.

The only thing that honestly really irks my soul are all these stupid Giant, Jet fans, and anyone else who just constantly think it’s necessary to remind me when the Eagles lose. The first thing they are saying is that the Eagles suck, oh their such bums but seriously I just want to know why the Eagles are at the top of everyone's conversation list? People keep saying Dream Team my ass but to be honest we never said we were a Dream Team! That was all the media hyping up the players that were acquired during the off season and free agency. Is it wrong that we are trying to build up our team to be better than last year? NO! it's not because guess what every other team is doing the same thing!! How do you think the Bill and Lions have gotten so good out of nowhere it is because they were smart in the off season. So when people say dream team we just say a better team. Who doesn’t hope that bringing in better players will help achieve the ultimate goal of winning the super bowl? Every single team’s goal when the season starts is to be at the end when it’s all said and done to be able to hold that trophy high to say we won. So again I asked you why we are so hated. Why is it everyone's concern that we lost? God forbid we didn't get a Desean Jackson 80 yard punt return like seriously I am so tired of other people minding our business.

At the end of Monday night football 16 teams have won and 16 teams have lost. Why does it always feel like everyone forgets about the other 15 teams and is so focused on us? I know that I am ranting but I had to let this out. It has been bottled since Sunday after the game; I even had to go to the gym for a run because I was that stressed. Oh and I can't forget the argument I had with a girl I don't even know on twitter because she was talking trash about my team but yet didn't have her facts straight. Clearly I had to put her in check and let her know about herself.

But looking at the game I was very annoyed because to start we missed 2 essential field goals which could have won us the game. And we suffered from so many penalties that caused us to lose precious yards, or to give over huge yardage opportunities for the 49ers. I'm not saying that the Niners are a bad team but IT’S THE 49ERS! There is no reason we should have lost to them. Over the years they have not shown much improvement and the only thing that they have going this year is they have our amazing field goal kicker in David Akers. I still can't figure out why they let him go because this kicker we have now Alex Henry is a rookie who needs to find his big boy pants quick. AND! When that idiot Ronnie Brown thought he were all the sudden a QB trying to make a lateral throw in all that traffic?! Did he not think it was going to result in a turnover??!! I was so mad and I swear he would have been benched the rest of the game for sure if I was the coach!

Moving on, that is the motto for this week. I am letting it all go and focusing on the future which I have my finger crossed will be more positive. Still love my team! Bleed green till I die.

Before I finish I didn't want to cover penalties in the post before this but it was way too long so I’m going to add it into this one. The amount of penalties this week was out of control! Lions could have easily had the win over the Cowboys but kept facing 10 and 15 yard penalties to push them back or push Dallas forward. The Eagles we already know faced way to many penalties. The main one was a face mask right when you’re on a scoring drive? 15 yards is serious and something that drops spirits. The Texans killed me during their game they missed out on 2 TD's because of careless penalties. These are just the basics that have to be covered in training camp. For players to make these careless mistakes is unacceptable. We know games get heated but you need to keep your cool and realize that one wrong move can cost BIG when you least expect it.

OK everyone I’m done going on my rants and catching everyone up from this week, see everyone in week 5!


Top 10 review, smiles and frowns

Well here it is, I’m finally sitting down to make this post. I really had to take extra time and think about what I wanted to say because after this week there really is a lot to say. So bear with me guys this is going to be a LONG one, but I promise it will be worth it.

Let start off with a few things that I need to address I need to tell you guys about the top ten list I made earlier and what teams did successfully get the win and which ones took the L. Ok well I am going to give you the list of teams that I picked just in-case you didn't see me previous post or you don't feel like scrolling down.

10. Tennessee Titans 

          9. Houston Texans 
                     8. Dallas Cowboys 
                              7. Oakland Raiders 
                                       6. Washington Redskins 
                                                 5. New York Jets 
                                                           4. New England Patriots 
                                                                      3. Green Bay Packers 
                                                                                2. Detroit Lions 
                                                                                         1. Buffalo Bills

I did it up all fancy like too, okk starting with #10 the Titans. They got a win this week against the Browns who are suffering a little but still aren't a horrible team when they are matched against and equal opponent. Matt Hasselback threw 3 touchdowns (TD) in the first half which is very impressive for any QB. Although the Browns lost Colt McCoy did throw for 350 yards in the game and came away with 40 quality completions. They didn't win but still put forth a good effort on the ground and in the air. For some reason they could not finish when they reached the end zone. The score at the end of the game was 31-13 Titans.

Ok the next team #9 Texans faced the Steelers this week and ooohh boyy did I love this game. I support and root for the Steelers but the way the Texans took control of this game from beginning to end was just solid football! I was so excited during this game because at the start you may have thought the Steelers would have run through the Texans but they came to play and were ready for this game. The Texans started off with a bang and in 19 plays drove the ball down the field finishing with the TD. Everything was going in the favor for the Texans for basically the whole game but their Achilles heel was penalties. If the Texans avoided the 2 major penalties they received they would have gotten 2 more TD in the game. Looking at the Steelers who just couldn't seem to get it together I just saw a frustrated team. QB Ben Roethlisberger threw to wide receiver Mike Wallace for a 22yd pass but then the play received a penalty (unsportsman like conduct) and was called back 15yds. They were almost able to capitalize on a fumble made by the Texans but they went for a field goal and it was wide right. During the first half the Steelers as you can see just couldn't get it to click. After half time they started to play Steelers football but it was either too late or the Texans had already made up in their mind that they were not going to lose. All in all Ben got sacked 5 times this game and just when they had a chance to tie the game the Texans punt pinned them down at the 1yd line with only 1:13 left on the clock. For next week the Steelers know what they need to fix for sure to make sure they shake off this lose.

Next up is my favorite the #8 Dallas Cowboys; I hope you all know I am completely joking when I said that. But the Cowboys played the Lions who were #2 on my list. Since everyone wants to praise Tony Romo for being the super hero that he isn't he finally showed himself again this week. They were hott in the beginning of the game where Tony threw for 3 TD's. Great good job Tony, but wait you then in the second half you manage to throw for 3 interceptions. SO in my book that makes you average. Yeah the TD's are great but the interceptions are what lost them the game. The Lions were able to capitalize twice on the interceptions thrown by Romo. And by capitalize I mean get a touchdown. The game came down to the 4th quarter where the Lions outscored the Cowboys 17-0 in one quarter. This is huge and ultimately where the Lions won the game. Mind you they did work on the field too with both offense and defense, but that 17 point deficit for the Cowboys is something they could not get back. Final score 34-30 Detroit.

The #7 Raiders played the #4 Patriots, ok let’s be honest we know the Raiders were on a high from their week 3 win against the Jets but it’s the Patriots and we all know they come to play. Come to play they did putting a serious hurt on the Raiders during their game. Jason Campbell did throw for almost a hundred more yards than Tom Brady but for some reason they couldn't find the end zone. Although his two interceptions also didn't help them get any closer to scoring. I have to say I saw this lose coming so I’m not that surprised, still wishing they could have put forth a better effort. The final score was 31-19 Patriots.

The Redskins #6 played St.Louis again almost the same this as the Raiders, we know the Rams aren't the best team and this win is just a matter of getting your defense to do the job. Plus the Redskins are on a good run of finishing the games they need to get their wins. Redskins win 17-10.

Monday Night football might have been my favorite game of the day if not second favorite. The #5 Jets played the Ravens and such sweet vindication to witness the Ravens defense just run thru the Jets. Going into my personal side, many Jets fans had the nerve to talk trash to me about the Eagles losing so watching them lose was that much sweeter. Back to the facts, the Jets have missed the mark for the second week in a row to teams that they should have semi- easily taken down no problem. From the start this game was bad for the Jets. This is simply because the Ravens came to play! Ravens were able to achieve 3 TD off of the 4 Jet turnovers! Simply that just can't happen if you expect to win. We all know the Raven's defense plays dirty! Way back when almost everyone called them the dirty birds because it gets real when they are on the field. They proved just how dangerous they are during this game. Sanchez was only able to get 119 yards this game and that is not going to get you that W. Raven get the win 34-17.

The #3 Packers clearly destroyed the Bronco's defense where Aaron Rogers achieved 408 yards. Can't even say much but most of this game was spent in the Bronco's end zone because the Packers were scoring. Well they are the defending super bowl champs for a reason. Final score 49-23.

Finally on the top ten list you have the #1 Buffalo Bills who faced their first lose. I was actually very upset when I reviewed this game. I was pulling for the Bills to continue their win streak but they feel short this week. This does not mean they cannot get things moving again this week it just means their perfect season is now out of reach. Fighting to the end with the Bengals managed to edge the Bills out with 48yd field goal with a little less than 2 min on left on the clock. Hard fought on both sides but I think the advantage of being at home was on the Bengals side they win 23-20.

I almost forgot the Vikings lost =(. I just don't know what wrong with this team. I feel like they are well rounded when looking at the offense and defense so I can't figure out what the missing piece of their puzzle is. I am more worried about the career of McNabb because when a team loses they look at the QB and the coach. Something’s got to get fixed with this team is they hope to get a win before their bye week. I hope they find their puzzle piece soon I'll keep my fingers crossed for them.

I’m done finallyy hope yall enjoyedd!!! =)


Sunday, October 2, 2011

quick post season baseball update!

Well guys baseball playoffs are in full swing now so I wanted to give you a small update of which teams made the final cut. The series match-ups are as follows:


Tampa Bay Rays
Texas Rangers

Detroit Tigers
New York Yankees


Arizona Diamondbacks
Milwaukee Brewers

St. Louis Cardinals
Philadelphia Phillies

All four series have started and the series leaders are the Phillies, Brewers, Yankees, and Rangers. These teams are ahead in the series 1-0. The Yankees play tomorrow in game 2 and I believe the rest of the games will continue Monday and into the rest of the week. This was just a small update on the MLB playoffs.