Friday, November 25, 2011

Vick > Young

         This week I analyzed a blog from a NFL nation blogger on 's website. Dan Graziano wrote up a good blog to explain the situation that the Eagles are in by choosing Vick or Young for starting quarterback for the rest if the season.         

         Life with out Vick, huh that sounds like a travesty. Well I believe it is far from horrible to hear these words. Although you do not want to accept that the half a million dollar man will be sitting on the bench for another week you realize who you have brought in to cover such times. Times like this is why Andy Reid and the rest of the Philadelphia Staff have made sure we had an appropriate back up for our quarterback. Vince Young seems like he will be more than willing to take this position. After shaking off the cob webs from his almost year off from playing football, he lead this team to a HUGE win against the New York Giants. Just when people counted us out as a team the Eagles are able to turn things around.   
When you have nothing to lose but everything to gain your team plays do or die football. Having the on going rivalry of the Giants to fuel your fire will also help your team in the quest for a win, and win we did. The game last week was a great game. From all ends it was a defensive battle for both side and it came down to who was able to make the drives down the field and capitalize with points in the end zone or through the up rights. If it was not for the final interception with about a minute and thirty seconds left I honestly believe that the game would have gone into over time. Although the Eagles defense came to prove a lot last Sunday and getting the final interception was just the icing on the cake.
            I have to agree with Graziano though replacing Young with Vick as the starter even when Vick comes back off of injury is the wrong this to do. We have stock in Vick and trust that he can lead this team to where we want to be. It is extremely unfortunate that his is out on injury at the moment; this is why we have Vince Young. He was able to lead us to the victory we needed when Vick was out. All good things must come to an end though. Looking at the struggles we are having it is understandable that people are getting excited. Knowing us Philadelphia fans we are super hot and cold. With a win against the Giants you better believe we are HOT right now. So the Eagles being hot is the reason many people believe that Young should continue to start, but you need to realize who is leading this team its Vick not Young.
            I think that Dan outlines a lot of correct points within the blog that the fans of Philadelphia know and understand but are still on a high note from the win on this past Sunday they aren’t thinking logically. We can not just think that Young pulled us through this game because he didn’t. The defense really came to play on Sunday and they helped us pull out this victory.
            There is a long road ahead of us if we are even going to think about playoffs, but taking it one day at a time with do or die situation for every game might just be in our favor. 


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