Sunday, December 18, 2011

My first Eagles game

I can still remember the first Eagles game that I went to with my Dad. It was the most exciting thing that had happened to me that year. I was 14yrs old and fully understood the rules of game and anything that I had a question on was easily answered by my dad.

As the day approached I got more and more excited about actually getting to see my favorite team play in person. It was so exciting to think that I was going to be in the stadium where the magic happens. I’m sure my dad was just as excited since he had not been to a game in a long time either. It was going to be a special time for a father and daughter.

Once Sunday arrived we started our day off as usual, going to church in the morning. Something we do every week, and since the game was a night game it worked out that we did not have to rush through our day to try and get to the stadium. After church we went home and got something to eat and began to prepare for the game. The seasons were changing and it was going to be cold during the game which meant we needed layers. Layering up in was not debatable especially since my mother would not let us leave the house unless she knew we would be warm. Regardless of my dads clothing, he was an adult and could handle the weather,  my mom was not trying to let her daughter freeze in a football stadium. So needless to say I left the house like Ralphie’s brother from a “Christmas Story”. Despite the ridiculous amount of layer I had on I was prepared for a great time.

Driving to the game me and my dad were analyzing who we believed would win this game. They were played the Packer that Sunday, and had a good shot of winning. Well at least that what I was hoping. Even as a child I was pretty superstitious about watching games at home. I believed moving off the couch at any time except half time would cause some horrible turnover or bad set of downs. So staying strong even when I had to pee was something I got use to. I stuck with my superstitious ways even when it was difficult. Going to the game I knew could only be positive because I would be able to channel positive energy to the team to help them win. Although I was young I felt like these things were true. To this day I rarely move on the couch or bed since I am in school now while watching an Eagles game. Sometimes old habits just die hard.

Getting to the game we had to walk forever because parking is always crazy during game-day. There was no time for tailgating which was kind of sad but I was more excited just to watch the game. I got my program so I could have something to save from the game along with the ticket. As we walked into the stadium it was amazing to see how big it actually was. When you watch the games on TV you never really understand how big the stadiums really are; that is until you have been inside one. I was amazed to say the least. Looking around at all the different fans dressed in their own specific Eagles attire. People’s faces were painted; huge helmets were on their heads, bird masks, along with tons more creative Eagles apparel you could think of. It was such a sight for a little girl but I loved it.

Once we were seated and the game began the environment just got more exciting. After all the players took the field and you get to see the start of the game and the ball is being kicked off it becomes real. You realize this is what you’ve always been seeing on TV. After that I began to realize how different watching a game on TV is from watching it in the stadium. You can not see all the intricate plays and moves that the players make after a catch. That yellow line that indicates how far the first down is was not there, which I knew but is not something you realize until you don’t see it. The sideline markers are still there but it does make it easier to judge a rushing play.
As the game continued play after play it just got more exciting. Enjoying the players touchdown dancers on the big screen was so cool. Also watching the extra point being kicked through the up rights was amazing. There were no commercial breaks during time outs it was just you and the field the whole time. You got to see the cheerleader’s performance and the mascots entertain the crowd. Aside from the amazing game that was played the environment of the stadium was something like no other. All the loyal fans was also something that was to not be forgotten. people always say Philadelphia fans are the best out there. That night I realized it was true. Any fan from the opposing team was taunted the entire game. You would have also thought everyone in the stadium that was an Eagles fan was related because of how friendly they act to each other. After every touchdown or field goal people   Being there with my dad was also something so special that I will never forget it. I know my dad was enjoying this special time with me as well because this was the first football game I ever went to and I was able to enjoy this time with my dad. He was able to answer the questions that I had about different plays that I had never seen before and help me learn other football tactics that could only be seen in person. I was such a great experience.

Finally once the game was over and the Eagles came out victorious I went home happier that ever. I got to see my favorite team and players storm the field and dominate the game. They came away with a win and I was able to see everything first hand. I already had a love for the game but this experience with my dad added even more to my passion for sports in general and especially a deep love for football. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breaking a Pass

For this How to post I want to focus on the side of the defense. With this post I am going to explain how to break up a pass.

Position: Defensive Back

Your job as a Defensive back is to only stop the pass. That is what your mission is on the field. Once the ball is snapped you are all about sticking to your man and eliminating him from gaining any yardage. You priorities on the field are 3 different things. They are as follows;

1.      Intercept the ball
2.      Knock the ball down
3.      Make the tackle once the ball is caught

With these steps checked off you become an effective defensive back. As an effective player you always want to be on the look out for balls that can be intercepted. Interceptions alter the feel of the entire game. It causes a shift in momentum and a game that may not have been going in your favor might suddenly be working on your side. Knocking the ball down is something that is not only a confidence booster but it will also eliminated any yardage for the other team. Finally the most important thing on your priority check list is to make the tackle. Football is based on scoring points and making tackles, THAT’S IT! So as a defensive back that is your job. Make the tackle and eliminate the run, or pass play that is happening.

Ok now let’s talk about breaking up the pass. The most important thing is to make sure you stick with the receiver. You never want to lose the receiver because you were searching for the ball in the air and lost the player you were covering. It is essential that your eyes stay between the receiver and the quarterback because they have practiced this play before and understand where each needs to be to make this play successful.

As the ball approaches you and the receiver you need to make sure that you are not in contact with the player before the ball because you will get flagged for pass interference. Once you receive that call you are looking at 10yards against your team, and in all reality causing the other team an automatic first down.

Next is when your hand placement is critical. The hand closest to the receiver needs to be secure incase you miss the ball. If your hand is secure you can ensure a tackle if the ball is caught. With the front hand you need to position it almost block the ball. Do not swing at the ball because you will most likely miss the ball.

These are the only steps needed for breaking up a pass. First getting your hands ready to block the ball, and then making the tackle on the receiver once the ball is caught. If you are able to cause disruption to the receiver you will find it easier to get them to fumble the ball. Creating any type of catch that is different from the usual will work in your favor.

Executing this play is easy. It just takes practice to perfect the motions that will help you avoid any penalties against you.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Vick > Young

         This week I analyzed a blog from a NFL nation blogger on 's website. Dan Graziano wrote up a good blog to explain the situation that the Eagles are in by choosing Vick or Young for starting quarterback for the rest if the season.         

         Life with out Vick, huh that sounds like a travesty. Well I believe it is far from horrible to hear these words. Although you do not want to accept that the half a million dollar man will be sitting on the bench for another week you realize who you have brought in to cover such times. Times like this is why Andy Reid and the rest of the Philadelphia Staff have made sure we had an appropriate back up for our quarterback. Vince Young seems like he will be more than willing to take this position. After shaking off the cob webs from his almost year off from playing football, he lead this team to a HUGE win against the New York Giants. Just when people counted us out as a team the Eagles are able to turn things around.   
When you have nothing to lose but everything to gain your team plays do or die football. Having the on going rivalry of the Giants to fuel your fire will also help your team in the quest for a win, and win we did. The game last week was a great game. From all ends it was a defensive battle for both side and it came down to who was able to make the drives down the field and capitalize with points in the end zone or through the up rights. If it was not for the final interception with about a minute and thirty seconds left I honestly believe that the game would have gone into over time. Although the Eagles defense came to prove a lot last Sunday and getting the final interception was just the icing on the cake.
            I have to agree with Graziano though replacing Young with Vick as the starter even when Vick comes back off of injury is the wrong this to do. We have stock in Vick and trust that he can lead this team to where we want to be. It is extremely unfortunate that his is out on injury at the moment; this is why we have Vince Young. He was able to lead us to the victory we needed when Vick was out. All good things must come to an end though. Looking at the struggles we are having it is understandable that people are getting excited. Knowing us Philadelphia fans we are super hot and cold. With a win against the Giants you better believe we are HOT right now. So the Eagles being hot is the reason many people believe that Young should continue to start, but you need to realize who is leading this team its Vick not Young.
            I think that Dan outlines a lot of correct points within the blog that the fans of Philadelphia know and understand but are still on a high note from the win on this past Sunday they aren’t thinking logically. We can not just think that Young pulled us through this game because he didn’t. The defense really came to play on Sunday and they helped us pull out this victory.
            There is a long road ahead of us if we are even going to think about playoffs, but taking it one day at a time with do or die situation for every game might just be in our favor. 


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 12

Its week 12 in the NFL and teams that we thought would be pulling out as extreme front runners have some what come up short. There are three specific teams that come to mind that have disappointed once the season began getting longer. The Lions are the first team that I could think of. They started off the season 5-0 and everyone believed they would be an extremely hard team to be this season. Time tested them and over weeks 6 and 7 they feel short of the mark. Now we are in week 12 and they just suffered a loss the defending champion Green Bay Packers. As it stands now they are 7-4, and their schedule is looking like a 50/50 chance for them to win or lose. It is all going to come down to how much they want to win.
The next team that has seriously fallen short of the mark is the Buffalo Bills. They also started their season hot with 3-0 start but have fell short in a few key games along the way. Its hard to think that a team we were shocked to see pulling out wins every week, has now suffered a bottoming out in offense along with defense.
Looking at teams that are still going strong we see the Green Bay Packers continuing to dominate the game week in and week out. They are truly showing why they are the defending super bowl champs. Every opponent faced has been defeated and they are looking at a perfect 11-0 record. With play off looks high, we can only hope for a continuing show of skill from this team.
The NFL website does a great job of putting together the statistics for leading offense and defensive players around the league. You can check out the top rushers, passers, and tacklers from all the NFL teams. It’s a easy way to check up on the stats you need for bragging rights while you talk to your friends. It also allows easy access to check up on your fantasy picks.
Its only Thursday but the games planned for Sunday are huge games. During the 1pm games you have the Buffalo verse the Jets match up. Also at 1 you have the match up of Tampa Bay verse the Titans. At 4:15 we have the huge New England verse Philadelphia, which will be a big season decider for the Eagles. Monday night football is also looking like a great match up because you have the New Orleans Saints verse the New York Giants. Week 12 will continue to test the teams and decide who will be the winners and losers of this week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picking up the missing pieces

I think the bye week did the Eagles a world of good, I’m sure they were able to just take a week to rest and get their plans together for the rest of the regular season. Bye weeks also allow you to get a look at you competition for the rest of the season. While they play you are able to watch and take notes. The media also constantly tires to keep bringing up the issue of the 5 lost the Eagles suffered early, but as almost all the player have said those games are in the past. The past is the past and moving forward is the only thing that can happen at this point. We can’t take back the rough fourth quarter endings to a few hard fought games, the only thing is to make sure that future fourth quarter becomes the defining factor of your teams ability. 


Toward the end of this video they speak of the anger that Asante Samuels is facing from being up for grabs before the trade deadline was finished. Like anyone who basically just got told you may be getting traded feelings were hurt. The actions taken by Asante were justified, nothing he said was out of line he was simply just expressing his feelings. But I do think the comment brought up by one of the analyst was very true. If the Eagles were having a better season the comments made by Samuels would have never been blown up as much as they did. People always seem to look past the problems a team is having if they are winning but the second they start to lose all the microscopes come out.

So I do hope everything works out with the team and Asante, because I do think his skills are a value to this team. I’m hoping things smooth over soon because it will be the best thing for everyone on the team. Let’s also hope this week against Cowboys turns out SUPER POSITIVE!!  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Being positive pays off!

IT ONLY TOOK 4 WEEKS! What a difference a week has made. The Eagles won this Sunday 20-13 against the Redskins and this win came at the perfect time. Just as the Eagles enter into their bye week they finally have a win under their belt and a little more confidence. 

Although they won the game, it was not played any better than the last five games. The only thing that worked in the favor of the Eagles is that the Redskins made more mistakes which ultimately cost them the game. The turnovers also helped gain the advantage in the game. Rex Grossman threw four interceptions, giving the Eagles more opportunities to capitalize on the field.

Eagles Nightly: Top 10 Plays

In the second picture you can see what a win can do to a team moral when things couldn’t seem to get right. Wins bring confidence and confidence is for sure needed in Philadelphia. The first picture is a picture from week 5 when things were looking bad in Buffalo. People say a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe it to be true. You can see hope and excitement in the face of a champion. Where as anguish and disappointment when it looks like all is lost. I think the pictures I have chosen speak for themselves when you look at them you can feel the emotion.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Same thing just a different week

As you can see from the title, once again the Eagles found a way to mess up the game and take their fourth loss this season. They played the Buffalo Bills this week and this year we all know that the Bills have stepped up their game. They are no longer the team that can be easily defeated like they were in the past. This might be true but I wish it didn’t have to be while they were playing my team.

For some reason the Eagles cannot utilize the weapons they have acquired before the season started in a positive way. We are not a bad team which I think has to be the worst part. There simply is no excuse for the way that we are playing. Vick had FOUR INTERCEPTIONS! in this game and each of them more costly than the next. The Bills would not have been so successful on offense if we weren’t turning the ball over so many times putting them in perfect field position.

This game had so many things wrong with it I cannot even begin to explain it all. The defense started to get their act together way to late in the game. On specific area that was lacking was the red zone defense. I remember a time 2 or 3 years ago where our red zone defense was top 5 in the league. Now especially after this game we are probably in the top 10 worst in the league.

The only word that seriously describes this season so far is unacceptable.

If you look at the Eagles and Vikings side by side you see that both teams have the same record but have completely different paths for how they reached this point. The Vikings struggled for their first win for the last four weeks and finally got it this weekend. They couldn’t be happier and are ready to continue on a good streak. On the other hand the Eagles are on a four week losing streak. They are surely hoping for a turnaround before the bye week. These next two wins are especially important because they are both divisional games. So these games more than the others will have an effect on their placement within the division along with playoff hopes.

I still have not given up hope but I need that silver lining to appear quick before the storms clouds take over completely and all hope is lost.