Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picking up the missing pieces

I think the bye week did the Eagles a world of good, I’m sure they were able to just take a week to rest and get their plans together for the rest of the regular season. Bye weeks also allow you to get a look at you competition for the rest of the season. While they play you are able to watch and take notes. The media also constantly tires to keep bringing up the issue of the 5 lost the Eagles suffered early, but as almost all the player have said those games are in the past. The past is the past and moving forward is the only thing that can happen at this point. We can’t take back the rough fourth quarter endings to a few hard fought games, the only thing is to make sure that future fourth quarter becomes the defining factor of your teams ability. 


Toward the end of this video they speak of the anger that Asante Samuels is facing from being up for grabs before the trade deadline was finished. Like anyone who basically just got told you may be getting traded feelings were hurt. The actions taken by Asante were justified, nothing he said was out of line he was simply just expressing his feelings. But I do think the comment brought up by one of the analyst was very true. If the Eagles were having a better season the comments made by Samuels would have never been blown up as much as they did. People always seem to look past the problems a team is having if they are winning but the second they start to lose all the microscopes come out.

So I do hope everything works out with the team and Asante, because I do think his skills are a value to this team. I’m hoping things smooth over soon because it will be the best thing for everyone on the team. Let’s also hope this week against Cowboys turns out SUPER POSITIVE!!  

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